Welcome to the Liberia Diaspora Network

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Liberians enjoy lunch at the first All-Liberian Summit held in February 2015.

Ambassador Lois Lewis Brutus meets with medical doctors in the diaspora to seek their expertise.

The ambassador meets with umbrella and local groups of Liberian community associations to discuss matters affecting Liberians in the diaspora.

Making Liberian Diaspora Communities a priority!

About Us


The Embassy of Liberia in Washington, D.C. has always held to the tenet that with a strategic and effective approach geared toward engagement, the Liberian diaspora could serve as a key proponent in development and nation building in our home country.

Over the years, the embassy has always made Liberian diaspora communities a priority. Ambassadors accredited to Washington, D.C. have supported diaspora events hosted by various Liberian organizations around the U.S., as well as engaged the diaspora in the annual celebration of Liberia’s independence day.

During her Presidency, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf referred to the Liberian Diaspora as Liberia’s 16th County. The Embassy of Liberia in Washington, D.C. responded by creating an Office of Diaspora Affairs in 2015 and held a meeting in the spring of 2015 that brought together Liberian professionals. Also, during challenges such as the Ebola outbreak, the embassy engaged the Liberian diaspora by setting up an Ebola Task Force Committee made up of Liberian community leaders to assist in the fight against Ebola.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the Liberian Diaspora Network are as follows:

  • To Create a Database

    Create a database that will house information on individuals, organizations and Associations in Liberian Diaspora Communities

  • To Engage and Enable Diaspora Communities

    Foster Effective Engagement strategies within an Enabling Environment with Liberian Diaspora communities

  • To Empower Diaspora Communities

    Strengthen our Diaspora Communities for the purpose of national development

  • To Conduct Research and Coordinate with Migration & Development Stakeholders sources of information

    The Human Mobility Factor is key to development in the home of origin. We want to look at research on remittances, skills set taken back to Liberia, etc.

  • To Conduct Awareness Campaigns

    Through events we will conduct awareness campaigns to strengthen or Network and sign up Liberians in the Diaspora.