Liberia at a Glance

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Liberia on the map (orthographic projection)

The flag of Liberia

The coat of arms of Liberia

Area: 111,369 sq. km. (43,000 sq. mi.) (slightly larger than Ohio)
Cities: Capital–Monrovia (est. 1,000,000).
Principal towns: Buchanan (est. 300,000), Ganta (est. 290,000), Gbarnga (est. 150,000), Kakata (est. 100,000), Harbel (est. 136,000).
Terrain: Three areas–Mangrove swamps and beaches along the coast, wooded hills and semideciduous shrublands along the immediate interior, and dense tropical forests and plateaus in the interior. Liberia has 40% of West Africa’s rain forest.