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  • Embassy of the Republic of Liberia
    5201 16th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20011

Tel: 202-723-0437
Fax: 202-723-0436

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 10 AM to 3:00 PM

Closed: Liberian holidays and US federal holidays

Please use the form on this page to apply for a visa to travel to Liberia.

Additional requirements and instructions can be found on the first page of the form.

Please make sure that your application is complete. Incomplete or deficient applications will not be processed. Fees paid are non refundable for all applications submitted, whether or not they are processed. Visas issued are one of the following types: Diplomatic, Official, or Regular.

Send completed application form with requirements by registered mail using USPS, FEDEX, or UPS envelope with tracking number to the above address, or bring your documents into the office at the same address for processing. Same-day service must be done by walk-in only and cannot be completed by mail.

Requirements for Visa

  1. Applicant's Passport must accompany application and the passport must have at least 6 months left before expiration
  2. Two (2) passport size photographs. (full face view on white background)
  3. Flight itinerary
  4. Self-addressed prepaid USPS/FEDEX/UPS envelope with tracking number for return of passport (see mail restrictions). Mail or drop-off passport and all other documents listed above. Failure to include all items could lead to delays in processing of your visa.
  5. A notarized letter from a parent or guardian must accompany the application of any minor applicant.


  1. There is a waiting period of ten (10) working days for visa processing.
  2. Applicants are advised to apply within two weeks of their travel date.
  3. Airlines, by regulation, will not allow you to board without a valid visa.
  4. If you are a Liberian living in the United States and have become a US citizen, you are required to obtain a valid visa to travel to Liberia.
  5. In accordance with international health regulations, all persons entering Liberia are also required to have a valid Certificate of Immunization (Yellow Book).
  6. ECOWAS country passports: GRATIS
  7. There is an additional fee of $75.00 for same-day service and $50.00 for next-day service.