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28/09/2012: Liberian Government Honors Centenarian

Liberian Government Honors Centenarian

Washington, D.C., 9/28/12:

The popular expression, “give a person their flower while they are alive,” was reflected in a brief but impressive ceremony when the Government of Liberia honored centenarian, the Honorable Samuel George Macfoy, on Thursday, September 27, 2012.
For his invaluable services to Humanity, the Church and State, the Government of Liberia conferred on Honorable Macfoy, who is 102 years old, the distinction of Knight Great Band in the Humane Order of African Redemption.
To perform the ceremony for the conferral of the distinction, a high-level delegation from the Embassy of Liberia near Washington, D.C., led by Deputy Chief of Mission, the honorable Jeff Dowana, visited the honoree at the St. Mary’s Life Care Center in Orange, New Jersey. Other members of the delegation were Hon. Gabriel I.H. Williams, Minister Counselor for Press and Public Affairs; First Secretary for Financial and Counselor Affairs Doliakeh Quoimie, and Ms. DeContee Clements, Data Analyst.
The Citation to Hon. Macfoy, signed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and read by Ms. Clements, recalls Hon. Macfoy’s “patriotism and love for country,” which enabled him to work diligently and sacrificially in Liberia’s private and public sectors.
“Your work ethics coupled with your diligence and dedication to duty endeared you to all those you worked with. It was therefore not difficult for you to be elevated through the ranks from Bookkeeper to Accountant to Chief Accountant to Director of Finance, and subsequently to Assistant Minister of Justice for Finance Operations,” according to the Citation from President Sirleaf.
The Presidential Citation also recalls Mr. Macfoy’s humble beginning at CFAO Company, a French Mercantile firm, where he first worked diligently for eight years, beginning as a Salesman and ending as Bookkeeper. The Citation describes Hon. Macfoy as “a religious and God fearing man,” a staunch Episcopalian, being a faithful member of Trinity Cathedral in Monrovia which he served simultaneously as a chorister, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and Member of the Cathedral Chapter. “You and your wife, Gladys, transferred your membership to Trinity and St. Philip’s Cathedral in Newark, New Jersey, where  you took residency upon leaving Liberia,” according to the Citation. 
The Presidential Citation also recalls how Hon. Macfoy’s love for fraternal association motivated him to join several fraternal orders. “You are the Past Master of St. John Lodge No. 3, Ancient and Accepted Mason, and a 33 degree Mason, as well as being a member of the Grand Lodge of Masons of the Republic of Liberia. You are also a Past District Grand Master of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows (GUOOF), Liberia and Past Master of the United Brothers of Friendship (UBF).
“Now, therefore, in consideration of your enormous contribution to the cause of the people of Liberia, I, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia, by virtue of the authority in me vested as Grand Master of the Orders of Distinction of the Republic of Liberia, do hereby admit you, Samuel George Macfoy, into the Humane Order of the African Redemption, and confer upon you the grade of Knight Great Band,” the Citation concluded.
Also in attendance was Mr. George D. Macfoy, son of the honoree, who expressed profound gratitude to President Sirleaf and the Government of Liberia for the honor bestowed upon his father.  
For his part, Oldman Macfoy, who was seated in a wheelchair, only said that words were inadequate for him to express, and extended gratitude to President Sirleaf. Hon. Macfoy was born on May 1, 1910 in Greenville, Sinoe County. 
The conferral ceremony for Hon. Macfoy was also attended by Ms. Emmanuela Joseph, Director of Social Services and Ms. Lakisha Edwards, Director of Activities at St. Mary’s Life Care Center, as well as other residents of the center - who are mostly the elderly and infirm.  Both administrators said they were honored and delighted to be a part of such unique ceremony.
Earlier, Hon. Dowana explained to the attendees the significance of this great national honor that was being bestowed upon Hon. Macfoy by the President and Government of Liberia in recognition and appreciation of his invaluable services rendered his country and people.