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07/04/2012: FAYWEC Launched

FAYWEC Launched
The FAYWEC has the pleasure of inviting the public to the official launching of FAYWEC – Liberia Center, in the United States on May 5, 2012 at 5818-D Seminary Road, Falls Church, Virginia 22041 at 2:00 P.M.   FAYWEC (Falika African Youth and Women Empowerment Center) is a Community-Based Non-Governmental Organization and non-profit charity, founded in 2006 to help others by establishing self-help programs. FAYWEC is committed to a myriad of goals: 
(1) To identify women youth and children who are experiencing difficulty transitioning from the turbulent circumstances of 14 years of civil war in Liberia. 
(2) To form partnerships with community-based agencies, international organizations and professionals in order to provide skills training, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention services as well as a safe haven for all who come through our doors.
(3) To broaden the opportunity for educational enhancement through the development of skill training programs i.e. computer technology & driving education.  
(4)  Other programs in Liberia require that applicants must have high school certificates to be accepted in their programs. However, most women that come to us are without an educational background which is due to the prolonged civil war in Liberia. The FAYWEC program will allow participants to use their artistic abilities and improve on their current skills as well as learn new skills to become self-sufficient. We are presently offering ongoing adult literacy, sports, country cloth weaving, raffia weaving, mentoring and tutoring services.
FAYWEC is located in Brewerville, Montserrado County, Liberia within a 10,500 Sq ft building that is still under construction.  We are presently serving 500+ needy women and children. FAYWEC has plans to expand this project to the remaining 14 counties of Liberia, enabling youth, children, and women to participate fully in the empowerment program.  The extension of the program will have a far reaching impact on this segment of Liberia's population.
The FAYWEC program will utilize Liberia's natural products like raffia and country cloth as learning tools to make craft and other basic consumer products. Kola nuts, zokia, kpodo, kepee, bedai, will be used for the production of dye and other by-products with the hands-on involvement of the youth and women.
FAYWEC has incorporated programs to work with traditional leaders to replace some of the traditional Liberian practices with modern technology and skilled educational training that will allow the people to sustain themselves and their families economically.
FAYWEC is making a difference in the lives of Liberians. Our success depends greatly on the involvement of the Liberian Government, International donors, Religious organizations, NGO’s, and private sectors to contribute to this worthy cause.  Rebecca Falika, Director FAYWEC